Becca at SingFree Vocal Yoga

Hi, I’m Becca! My full name is Rebecca Stuhlbarg; I have an MA (in voice) from UCSC, and I am a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. I grew up playing violin, singing in choirs and performing in musical theater productions, always having a passion for music, but it was not until college that I found my full passion for the voice. I have been committed to a mindful singing practice and rich vocal journey ever since.

I overcame severe asthma as a child, which made my singing journey a challenging one. Dedication to a breath-based singing practice, dietary changes, regular yoga practice, and use of essential oils has almost completely healed my asthmatic symtoms. I feel called to support others who have struggled with breath or voicing themselves – I love to educate, inspire, and empower my students and community. I have many years of experience working with students of all ages and levels, including children and raw beginners, as well as professional level singers. In addition to guiding students in vocal technique and helping them get in their bodies, I am equipped to support students in building their musicianship and performance skills, as well as diction in several languages including French, German, and Italian.

I have studied with many incredible voice and yoga teachers. In college I studied voice with Patrice Maginnis and conducting with Nicole Paiement. Since college, I have studied voice with Betany Coffland, Linda Brice, and currently Nancy Olson Chatalas; and yoga with Kofi Busia, Ki McGraw, Bob Smith, and Julie Lawrence. I honor all my teachers and strive to pass along the valuable gifts I have received through them and through my practice. In addition to performing, teaching vocal yoga and educating about essential oils, I am also a choral conductor. I am honored to direct the Healing Voices Choir at Vox Academy, as well as the choir at congregation Neveh Shalom, and now the Badass Women’s Protest Choir.

My vocal journey has taken me from mezzo-soprano to high soprano and I am enjoying my exploration of repertoire from Mozart to Schubert, Bernstein to Gilbert and Sullivan. I have sung with Opera San Jose, Ariose Singers, the Choral Arts Ensemble of Portland, and currently Light Opera of Portland. I also enjoy giving annual voice recitals, featuring French art song, German lieder, opera arias, and modern music. In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, and spending time with my husband and ten year-old daughter.

Feel free and reach out if you’re interested in lessons or Vocal Yoga classes, or want to purchase my Vocal Yoga Handbook! Namaste.


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